Unfortunately we have no plans currently to upgrade pascal analyzer.
The good news is that it is now a completely free download!

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eyebol spell checks and suggests optimizations and warnings for Delphi forms and code. The suggestions can be anything from faster coding methods to spelling mistakes in message boxes.

Unlike other code analysis tools, eyebol can suggest and automatically apply a change in your code where it sees an improvement. It can also find memory leaks without having to run the program and go into every procedure.

The Project Rewrite facility can rewrite your code to be more readable (it can change Button1 to btnOK by using a buttons caption property) as well as apply many suggestions automatically.

A Search facility, that integrates with Delphi, allows for powerful searching including the ability to search for regular expressions, variable expressions and options such as ignore comments

The Comment Builder Wizard allows you to very quickly and easily apply comment headers to all the units in a project. These can be a Mozilla public license or completely custom versions.

It can remove redundant data in your forms (unused captions for example) and can be customized to spell check your own routines. Delphi integration (from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2009) means you can select a line in eyebol and be brought directly to it in Delphi.